Youth Care Worker


Mesa, AZ

What you'll be doing

Conduct intake services to include but not limited to: completing necessary paperwork, providing youth with an overview of the program services and for initial placements of youth in to the shelter. Provide basic needs to youth upon arrival to the program (to include but not limited to: meal, clothing, hygiene products, shower and bedroom assignment). Must provide direct care services to youth to ensure that ratios and appropriate supervision levels are continuously met as per state and federal requirements. Develop positive rapport with youth while serving as a role model to create a safe and caring environment. Must ensure all forms and progress notes (efforts) are properly completed in web-based program (ETO) to ensure compliance with state and federal requirements. Assist with the planning and coordination of special educational events (to include but not limited to: spelling bee, science fair), acculturation activities (cesar chavez day, thanksgiving, chinese new year, holi-festival of colors, 16th of september), educational (to include but not limited to: visits to museums) and recreational outings (to include but not limited to: movies, park, amusement parks), assist in the coordination of student council activities and other meaningful experiences for youth which promotes volunteerism and learning. Provide vocational courses and curriculum in a subject area approved by the program director or designees which introduces youth to career choices. Assist with the coordination of physical education instruction and other large muscle activities in coordination with the program director or designee as required by state and federal requirements. Must assist in the evacuation of youth as needed due to inclement weather conditions, natural disasters, or other unforeseen occurrences.

What your background should be

Experience working with youth either through paid or unpaid positions preferred. Must be computer literate. Must be able to maintain a flexible work schedule. Must possess a valid US driving license and eligible to drive to facilitate program services as per contractual requirements. Cleared tuberculosis test results. Cleared background check from appropriate entity. Cleared drug test results (this one is for Texas programs only).

Required Schooling / Training

High school diploma or GED with experience working with youth either through paid or unpaid positions preferred.

Who is the client company

Concern about innovative youth justice programs & schools, safe shelters for immigrant children, and workforce services.
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