Workers Compensation Specialist


West Point, GA

What you'll be doing

Performs internal claim investigations involving team members claims for workers compensation entitlements under Georgia workers compensation Act. Advises on compensability or non-compensability matters; monitors and settles employee claims; maintains accident/claims file. Maintains accident/claims file. Identifies and interviews team members, witnesses, and others to obtain complete and detailed information concerning the cause of the loss, and prepares a summary report of the investigation. Interprets and applies company, state and federal government procedures, policies, guidelines, rules and regulations; applies applicable guidelines and regulations to different situations. Communicates orally and in writing with company team members and managers, physicians, attorneys, and others, to collect, clarify, and provide information related to workers compensation claims. Monitors and negotiates claim reserve amounts to properly reflect the company ultimate liability under the workers compensation act; monitors reserve funds. Conducts negotiations with claimants and/or attorneys to arrive at mutually satisfactory settlement within prescribed authority. Researches, collects, analyzes, and evaluates federal, state, and local laws, policies, rules and regulations as related to the workers compensation program. Duties includes meeting multiple demands on a timely basis and may require work outside the normal operating hours. Attends worker compensation hearings and gives oral information to management, commissions, and opposing attorneys when necessary. Prepares and documents all information to comply with the OSHA injury reporting regulations. Performs other duties as assigned

What your background should be

Preference given to CWCP certification. Must have excellent time management and organizational skills. General security, risk management, and environmental experience desired. Knowledge of OSHA and EPA regulations. Good oral and written communications skills. Must have analytical reasoning and problem solving capabilities. Balanced approach to technical, business and people aspects of business. Thorough knowledge of laws, regulations, and procedures governing the administration and reporting of worker compensation claims. Extensive experience in investigation methods, documentation, techniques, and procedures and policies related to processing and adjusting workers compensation claims. Experienced in the organization and analysis of information in both written and electronic formats. Ability to work as a Team member in a fast paced environment. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Required Schooling / Training

Bachelor degree with course concentration in risk management, legal studies, nursing, or claims adjudication.

Who is the client company

Concern about automotive services.
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