Value Stream Supervisor


Cottage Grove, MN

What you'll be doing

Maintain high level of visibility with associates. Use hands-on approach to communicate daily and involve associates in problem solving. Promote safety and ensure a safe work environment and safe associate work habits. Develop a high performance work team with high levels of associate morale, satisfaction, and performance. Create and maintain a respectful work environment by listening, seeking facts to support decisions, managing one own reactions, and addressing unacceptable behavior. Help associates succeed through performance management. Provide coaching and performance communication to support development. Review general status of production schedules to identify and resolve problems. Ensure the desired product quality levels are achieved through use of standard work and training to those standards, training in operation and inspection techniques, and use of tools/data. Deploy and implement new, customer-focused processes in accordance with lean principles and practices. Provide training and coaching to improve standard work, work center organization (5S), and housekeeping. Actively provide change leadership as required. Support and foster an environment of continuous improvement by encouraging associates to challenge existing processes and implement solutions that enhance the overall effectiveness of the operation. Support associates in understanding company policies and practices. Maintain time and production records. Take notice of process related problems and support associates in taking corrective action to improve the overall performance of the team. Communicate with and listen to associates on a daily basis regarding work center/team performance, strategic initiatives, policy changes, safety, quality, etc. Communicate with other supervisors and appropriate personnel regarding equipment, safety, work center schedules, company policies and practices, performance improvement plans, etc.

What your background should be

2 to 4 years of supervisory or work center lead experience. Previous experience in a manufacturing operation with demonstrated ability to acquire and apply manufacturing principles a plus. Demonstrated ability to work with and motivate people. Basic business knowledge about how a business runs and makes decisions.

Required Schooling / Training

Not specified

Who is the client company

This is an international window and door manufacturing company
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