TTS Field Instructor


Bismarck, ND

What you'll be doing

Attend required instructor training programs to study course design, appropriate teaching techniques, presentation standards and skills, and administrative duties associated with teaching the course. Prepare for class by ensuring that the classroom is properly set up, all equipment is properly functioning and materials are available. Instructor should have checked for any posted course corrections, reviewed the participant workbook, the instructor guide, and any instructions provided by the writer/developer of the course prior to beginning class to include completion of exercises. Deliver the course content as designed and facilitate the discussion of course content by drawing on the existing knowledge of students. Use a variety of facilitation methods and skills to convey course information. Instructor should stimulate and sustain student motivation and engagement through techniques such as class exercises and case studies, maintenance of a positive peer-centered learning environment, use of questioning techniques and positive reinforcement. Use available media to reinforce student learning. Media may include but is not limited to flip charts, power point presentation, use of BlockWorks, slides and posters. Monitor personal instructor course results to understand learner exam scores, pass rates, and student feedback. Strive to continuously grow and develop instructor skills by taking action on development opportunities presented via course results and by requesting DGM, peer, and student observation and feedback. Complete all Instructor related tasks in Compass including marking attendance, as required by the specific course taught.

What your background should be

Above average reading and math skills in order to understand information and explain course information to students. Above average verbal and written communication skills and effectively communicate in person. Excellent interpersonal skills demonstrated through conversation with, and preparation of tax returns of company customers. Ability to explain complex laws and regulations in an easy to understand manner. Effective presentation skills as demonstrated in their words, voice, pace, delivery and non-verbal communication.

Required Schooling / Training

Not specified

Who is the client company

This is a tax preparation company.
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