Transportation Service Shop Technician


Hermiston, OR

What you'll be doing

This position is responsible to communicate with individuals or groups verbally and in writing (e. g. Customers, suppliers, associates). Complete work orders, records, logs and other written or computer based documents according to established procedures. Maintain and repair driveline components (e. g., u-joints, drive shaft and wheel components) according to procedures. Maintain and repair tractor-trailer tires, including install, dismount tires onto, off wheels using tire tools, machinery (e. g. , tire machine, tire bar, wheel dolly), repair flats and balance tires according to written procedures. Maintain and repair trailers, including lights, landing gear, interior panels, roof repairs, floors, doors and threshold plates, according to written procedures. Maintain, repair and rebuild trailer interior panels, floors and doors according to procedures. Maintain, repair and replace communication equipment, such as radios and antennas (including CB and XM) and Qualcomm equipment according to written procedures. Maintain, repair and replace major tractor engine components (e. g., water pump, fan, alternator, turbochargers, injectors, ECMS) according to written procedures. Maintain, repair and replace tractor and trailer brake system components according to written procedures. Perform diagnostics on the components of tractor engines, drive trains and HVAC systems, communication systems using technical and electronic equipment according to written procedures. Perform inbound trailer inspections on the distribution center lot according to procedures. Prepare fuel samples for analysis and shipment. Provide preventative maintenance and repairs on all equipment. Provide preventative maintenance on tractor trailer brake system components (e. g., hydraulic, air, anti-skid, s-cam, abs, EBS), including adjustment or replacement according to written procedures. Replace leaky wheel seals according to written procedures. Perform other duties as assigned.

What your background should be

The candidate must have 2 to 3 years experience in tractor and trailer inspection and repair. Also 1 year experience using computer applications (e. g., email spreadsheets and word processing) is required. Certification in heavy duty truck or trailer maintenance; automotive service excellence (ASE) brake, PMI and electrical certification; both class a commercial driver s license (CDL) and department of transportation (dot) drivers certification is preferred. College or technical school level coursework in heavy duty truck or trailer maintenance is also preferable.

Required Schooling / Training

College or technical school degree is required.

Who is the client company

This is an American multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of discount department stores and warehouse stores.
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