Therapy Assistant


Milford, MA

What you'll be doing

Administers specific treatments under the direction and supervision of the assigned therapist(s). Maintains accurate and complete records, including data collection and recording, when appropriate, regarding progress toward individual goals. Assists therapists to provide staff training in specific techniques or treatments for individual students. Monitors equipment status and completes repairs as assigned. Repairs and develops materials as designed by the therapist. Participates in in-service training according to current agency policy. Performs other reasonably related duties as assigned by supervising therapist(s).

What your background should be

A current Massachusetts license, and one year of relevant experience. Must be able to communicate effectively. Current licensure by relevant state board or agency (where applicable).

Required Schooling / Training

Completion of an accredited associate degree program as certified occupational therapy assistant (C.O.T.A.), physical therapy assistant (P.T.A.), or other specific training in a therapeutic discipline.

Who is the client company

Concern about education management services.
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