Test Engineer


Washington, DC

What you'll be doing

Test engineer is responsible to develop and execute a systematic approach to software testing. Work with the business analysts and developers to understand the system requirements and design. Identify testing methods suitable to the system, write test plans and test cases, develop, record test results and create defect reports. Design, develop and implement testing methods, equipment or software. Plan and arrange the labor, schedule and equipment required for testing and evaluating standard and special devices. Provide test area with parameters for sample testing and specifies tests to be performed. Compily data and define changes required in testing equipment, testing procedures, manufacturing processes, or new testing requirements. The candidate is also responsible for testing all customer samples and for special tests that cannot be performed in the test area.

What your background should be

This position required 2+ years of sybase or oracle experience in testing software applications using automated and testing methods. Strong skills with structure query language (SQL) to query the database to verify test results.

Required Schooling / Training

Bachelor degree in related fields.

Who is the client company

A multinational defense, security and aerospace company.
If you are interested in this position, send your resume to apply@kochdavis.com