Technology Asset Administrator


Chicago, IL

What you'll be doing

The technology asset administrator will work a lot with the finance department to determine budget for equipment. You will work on purchasing equipment along with the director and manager of the department and deciding which office needs what after analysis of the inventory on hand and the cost associated. This multi-faceted position is primarily responsible for the physical and software assets throughout the firm. The individual will be able to leverage the it asset management framework to implement processes that allows the firm to track, and manage financial, physical, and licensing aspects of it assets through the life cycle. Ultimately, a highly visible and reliable data source of it asset costs will be developed that will help facilitate future strategy and decisions. Create and implement best practices to efficiently maintain the location of laptops, desktops, mobile devices, servers, and network components throughout all office locations of a highly mobile workforce. Track specific details of 4000+ end user systems, 600+ mobile devices, 1000+ servers, and 200+ network switch components. By leveraging best practice technology and processes, successfully manage various assets through the asset life cycle. Through the effective tracking and maintenance of 200+ software title licenses, mitigate risks of license compliance failure and unnecessary software spend. Physical maintenance and organization of software media. Maintaining appropriate physical paper files of various contracts as needed. Work with various application and infrastructure teams to appropriately validate the ongoing use of acquired applications. Through effective ongoing communication and process, develop effective information sharing that interconnects it specific finances to the firm finance department. Work with the finance department during asset life cycle to assure appropriate notification of acquisitions and disposals. On a daily basis, jointly work with procurement on various initiatives and projects.

What your background should be

The individual must be able to perform the duties and responsibilities above satisfactorily and meet the requirements below. Minimum knowledge, skill, and/or ability required. The opportunity for technical professionals with all levels of information technology and communications skills.

Required Schooling / Training

Not specified

Who is the client company

The client organization is IT talent management company to develop and retain the best IT professionals required to achieve business targets better, faster and more cost effectively.
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