Teacher Aide


Reno, NV

What you'll be doing

Under supervision, works in a special education classroom assisting teaching staff in a variety of instructional activities. Teacher aide may be assigned to a variety of special education programs or individual students who require adult support based upon ieps. Duties may include: assists students with intellectual, physical, or behavioral disabilities in boarding and de-boarding buses before and after school; assists students in reaching proper location in school; accompanies students into general education classrooms; provides attendant services (diapering, toileting, washing faces, etc.) To students as needed; supports instruction in proper health and hygiene habits; performs delegated procedures such as clean intermittent catheterization, provides emergency and first aid care as necessary; prepares and helps feed students as needed; supports instruction in functional life skills; realizes individual needs of students with intellectual, physical and/or behavioral disabilities and modifies general education classroom assignments occasionally; follows behavior plans as outlined in students ieps; uses positive behavior management techniques; assists with lesson assignments; reinforces learning concepts to students; maintains discipline and order on the playground, lunchroom, library and classrooms; accompanies students on field trips; arranges and adjusts wheelchairs, oxygen hoses and other equipment as needed; communicates with special education teachers about concerns and/or observations of students; assists in maintaining bulletin boards in the classroom; may assist children with medication when trained; assists in the operation of classroom equipment or students assistive technology devices; assists in recording student progress towards goals and developing instructional materials and preparing graphs and charts; assists in modification of the general education curriculum; participates in district training programs when requested and receives training in and implements non-violent behavioral intervention procedures; maintains confidentiality regarding student information and records. Performs related work as required.

What your background should be

Knowledge of educational principles and techniques; student behavior and characteristics; basic discipline and positive behavior modification techniques; correct english usage, spelling, grammar and punctuation; basic mathematics; current office methods and procedures including filing and records management; common office equipment and its usage; and some knowledge in communication and behavioral strategies. May need to possess various forms of communicating with the deaf through visual means (signed english, see, mse, pse, asi, or cue); hearing disorders and their effects on learning and behavior; skills taught in the basic subjects included in elementary and secondary school curriculum; record keeping techniques; and computer skills. Teacher aide must also be at least 18 years of age;and be capable of providing the type of communication services required for the person who is deaf or whose hearing is impaired.

Required Schooling / Training

At least a high school diploma or a general equivalence diploma.

Who is the client company

This is a public school district providing public education to students.
If you are interested in this position, send your resume to apply@kochdavis.com