Dallas, TX

What you'll be doing

This position requires a dynamic, multi-disciplined, global thinker who exemplifies the fundamental benefits of a comprehensive art education. Based upon the visual arts standards plan, evaluate, and revise curricula from first year to advanced levels of instruction. Inspire students and assist them in developing a comprehensive art portfolio and sketchbook. Organize and install exhibits of student work in the school and community. Maintain student attendance records, grades, and required course descriptions and outlines. Set up and maintain studios and storage areas, including an electric ceramics kiln. Establish a respectful environment of a diverse population of students, developing a classroom environment in which each student has the opportunity to think independently and express original ideas. Facilitate learning for all students using a variety of instructional methods, integrating and utilizing technology, to provide students with opportunities to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills, encourage exploration of ideas, and develop leadership qualities. Take responsibility for student academic growth using a variety of strategies to inform instructional decisions. Reflect on teaching practices, analyzing student learning, development, and growth and apply what is learned to improve instruction. Possess the ability to communicate and interact effectively and productively, both verbally and in writing, with all staff. Demonstrate enthusiasm for collaboration, using multi-tiered system of supports, with a team of administrators, teachers, and support staff. Demonstrate ability to work with cross departmental and or grade level teams to develop goals for improving student achievement. Demonstrate teacher leadership, advocating for students and exhibiting high ethical standards. Have a strong desire to extend learning experiences beyond the classroom, including participation in high school experiential education.

What your background should be

Demonstrated ability to discuss art pedagogy, as related to project based learning, elements of art, and 21st century art. Ability to plan and organize an art classroom for maximum instructional effectiveness. Work closely with community, educational, arts, and business organizations to promote the arts in the local community.

Required Schooling / Training

Bachelor degree in visual art from an accredited college/university.

Who is the client company

This education center is a combined primary and secondary school.
If you are interested in this position, send your resume to apply@kochdavis.com