Sr. Information Security Analyst


Herndon, VA

What you'll be doing

Assist with evidence search and seizure procedure. Write inquiry and investigation report. Provide personnel on site to assist in cyber incident handling. Assist via phone, email or by traveling to the customer site. Receive and acknowledge media shipped to the site. Provide standalone, off network investigative forensics and real time incident response analysis. Acquire forensically sound image of digital media including mass storage, removable media, memory stick, cell phone and other mobile device. Establish and maintain a legal chain of custody an evidence room and secure safe. Ensure proper evidence handling and access control at all time. Perform periodic inventory of the entire evidence room. Conduct extensive examination of the media using industry accepted forensic procedure and tool.

What your background should be

Five to eight years of related experience in cyber security and network infrastructure field. Strong interpersonal skill. Excellent verbal and written communication skill. Proficiency with Microsoft office application.

Required Schooling / Training

Bachelor degree preferred in computer science, information systems, cyber security, software engineering business or other related discipline.

Who is the client company

This is an American aerospace and defense company.
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