Spanish Teacher


Bedford, MA

What you'll be doing

Guide the learning process toward the achievement of district and school curriculum goals. Establish clear objectives for all lessons, units, projects, and communicate these objectives to students. Plan instruction based upon explicit goals regarding what students should know and be able to do. Create or provide learning experiences that develop students abilities and require the application of thinking skills. Employ a variety of instructional strategies that consider individual learning styles and performance levels. Organize instruction around essential questions or core learning objectives; teach for understanding and mastery; provide students with practice and extension opportunities as needed. Assess student learning on a regular basis using multiple forms of assessment; provide reports of student progress as needed. Use assessment data to inform instruction. Create a classroom learning environment that is engaging, orderly, secure and appealing for students and in which mutual respect is shown. Carry out the school disciplinary code and procedures in a fair and just manner. Give assignments that reinforce classroom instruction. Communicate student progress and development to parents. Provide written assessments, referrals and evaluations when necessary for students with special needs. Model learning and behavior consistent with the expectations for students. Attend staff or team meetings and serve on staff committees as necessary. Assist the administration in implementing all policies and rules governing student life and conduct. Perform other such duties as may be assigned from time to time by the principal and program director or program administrator.

What your background should be

The applicant should have experience in related field. Must build positive relationships with students in support of their academic and social development. Participate in IEP meetings. Strong inter-personal, communication skills required.

Required Schooling / Training

Master degree.

Who is the client company

This is an educational service provider institution.
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