Show & Ride Exhibits Technician


Orlando, FL

What you'll be doing

Constructs and repairs exhibits and display mechanisms for exhibits. Constructs and prepares props and backgrounds for exhibits, vitrines and showcases, partitions, walls and general exhibition effects. Paints, wallpapers and installs fabric in exhibition galleries, finishes floors and assembles and mounts wall panels, labels, photomurals, photographs and other materials. Adjusts and installs lighting fixtures. Evaluates, redesigns and modifies exhibits and display mechanisms for exhibits during prototyping and maintenance. Evaluates and modifies interactive exhibits to ensure maximum durability for use by public during exhibition. Installs exhibits and display mechanisms for exhibits and ensures their proper functioning. Maintains areas around exhibits and makes minor repairs as needed. Monitors exhibit functioning and prioritizes and carries out major repair needs. Recommends changes in circuitry or installation specifications to simplify assembly and maintenance. Sets up standard test apparatus or devises test equipment and circuitry to conduct functional, operational, environmental and life tests to evaluate performance and reliability of prototype or production model. Adjusts, calibrates, aligns and modifies circuitry and components and records effects on unit performance.

What your background should be

Must have strong communication and people skills, a positive attitude and impeccable work ethic. Must have schedule flexibility and be available weekends & holidays.

Required Schooling / Training

Not specified

Who is the client company

The client company is an amusement park for the mind combining education and entertainment.
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