Senior Research Associate


New Brunswick, NJ

What you'll be doing

Client company is seeking a highly motivated and dynamic individual with a strong background in molecular biology and T cell immunology. The incumbent is expected to work with minimal supervision to carry out molecular biology, cell culture and data analysis tasks. Specifically, the successful candidate will be responsible for performing molecular cloning and immunological assays to advance the company drug pipeline. Design, plan and execute scientific experiments with minimal supervision. Perform restriction enzyme and PCR based cloning. Establish and maintain T cell culture. Perform ELISA and flow based immunological assays. Analyze, interpret scientific data and accurately maintain written reports. Organize data and reports for presentations at project and department meetings.

What your background should be

At least 6 years pharmaceutical or academic research experience or at least 4 years pharmaceutical or academic research experience. In-depth knowledge in molecular biology and T cell Immunology. Strong experience with molecular cloning, cell transfection and transduction, ELISA and FLOW based assays.

Required Schooling / Training

Who is the client company

Concern about staffing and recruiting services
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