Senior Research Assistant


Houston, TX

What you'll be doing

The candidate is responsible for performing daily routine jobs independently on multiple technologies and platforms. Follow standard operation procedure (SOP) accurately to analyze DNA/RNA samples extracted from normal controls and tested using desired and requested technology for quality check before processing and generate recordable RNA/DNA QC report for each project as daily routine procedure. Follow standardized protocol accurately to processes received DNA/RNA samples in a timely manner for solid DNA and RNA sequencing, microarray MIRNA/MRNA expression profiling or SNP genotyping studies, in order to produce quality and meaningful data. Responsible for operating all instruments required independently for the data collection of the each specific genomic application cross platforms. Responsible for training and supervising new lab personnel as assigned. Conduct independent and collaborative research to validate hits from experiments performed. Perform independent research or other research or experimental tasks as needed in the field of specialization that reflect in terms of difficulty the level of experience and training required for the position. Perform other duties as assigned.

What your background should be

Three years of experience in scientific or experimental research work. Preferred life science genomics DNA/RNA MIRNA/MRNA. Must have good communication skills. Basic computer skills.

Required Schooling / Training

Bachelor degree in one of the natural sciences or related field.

Who is the client company

This is one of the original three comprehensive cancer centers in the United States.
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