Senior Project Manager


Fort Pierce, FL

What you'll be doing

The senior project manager will establish operational objectives and work plans and delegates assignments to subordinate managers. Participate with other senior managers to establish strategic plans or objectives. The person would be involved in developing; modifying; and executing company policies that affect immediate operation and may also have company-wide effects. In many instances, the person will make final decisions on administrative or operational matters and ensure operation effective achievement of objectives. Work on issues where analysis of situations or data requires an in-depth knowledge of organizational objectives. In many instances the senior project manager work on complex issues where analysis of situations or data requires an in-depth knowledge of the company. Implement strategic policies when selecting methods, techniques and evaluation criteria for obtaining results. Participate in corporate development of methods, techniques and evaluation criteria for projects, programs and people. Establish and assure adherence to budgets, schedules, work plans and performance requirements.

What your background should be

Typically requires a minimum of five years of management experience and at least four years of programmatic experience. Turnover management experience required. Financial management ability for multiple site and/or projects on both a stand-alone and roll-up basis with little to no assistance required. Ability to lead and motivate staff and suppliers through variety of communications vehicles required. Ability to create tactical operating models aligned with key financial drivers. Ability to strategically analyze disparate data sets and translate into tactical improvement required. Multi-site operational management ability required. Ability to document and re-engineer business processes required. Experience with Microsoft Office, including project, visio, and access required. The applicant must be able to communicate effectively and professionally, verbally and in writing, to all segments of the population.

Required Schooling / Training

Bachelor degree in a related field required.

Who is the client company

The company is provider of mobile technology service.
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