Senior Executive Division Sales Manager


White Plains, NY

What you'll be doing

The senior executive division sales manager manages a team of sales managers who in turn, manage business areas that span multiple families of business. The candidate demonstrates the high-level capability and broad scale capacity to devise long-term strategic plans collaboratively and to execute those plans urgently and thoughtfully. Develops the executive leadership team to drive business initiatives through people. Cultivates executives, sales, and service professionals who feel empowered to take care of the customer. Identifies emerging business trends, partner regional and central partners to maximize opportunities. Collaborates with general manager and senior peers to execute business priorities. Achieves sales plan by driving individual seller performances, understanding the merchandise trend, execution of selling standards, processes, and the adoption of selling tools and technology.

What your background should be

Ability to set direction and inspires. Communicates clear and specific expectations; creates structure; teaches shows and role models expectation; works side by side to ensure comfort, understanding, and confidence; gives candid, direct, and timely feedback and builds trust. Listens actively for understanding of the team; refrains from dominating the conversation.

Required Schooling / Training

Four years college degree is preferred.

Who is the client company

This is an upscale chain of department store selling a variety of garments such as skirts, corsets, gent furnishings and European fashions.
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