Senior Electrical Engineer


Tampa, FL

What you'll be doing

Designs electrical equipment, facilities and infrastructure or utility systems for commercial, industrial, construction and governmental clients. Develops, designs and specifies components for electrical power distribution systems and utilization systems utilizing relay or programmable logic control (PLC) equipment. Undertakes non-routine, more complex projects. The electrical engineer is responsible for interpreting, organizing, executing and coordinating assignments and managing projects. Identifies potential clients and work; secures and manages clients and contracts and delegates work to, trains and supervises less experienced staff to complete assignments. Performs inspection of facilities and produce reports and repair recommendations. Develops familiarity with regulations governing the implementation and operations of these systems.

What your background should be

Minimum 9 years working experience as a design engineer for electrical power and control systems. Be familiar with government, client and industry local codes, regulations and standards governing design and construction projects in their respective field. Must have knowledge of applicable health and safety requirements and environmental concerns. Must be capable of drafting electrical and design drawings using CADD software and use of Microsoft Office. Must be capable of using electrical test equipment. Valid driving license is required.

Required Schooling / Training

Bachelor degree in electrical engineering.

Who is the client company

The company is a leading provider of engineering, construction and technical services for public agencies and private sector companies around the world.
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