Senior Accountant


San Bernardino, CA

What you'll be doing

The position involves supervision over general accounting, property accounting, internal auditing, cost accounting and budgetary controls. Development, analysis and interpretation of statistical and accounting information in order to appraise operating results in terms of profitability, performance against budget and other matters bearing on the fiscal soundness and operating effectiveness of the organization. Responsible for evaluating the performance of personnel in the accounting department. This individual recommends training requirements, has the duty to keep the staff at the highest level of skill necessary to meet company needs and objectives and may recommend that personnel be hired or removed from the department. Maintains the company's system of accounts and keeps books and records on all company transactions and assets. Establishes major economic objectives and policies for the company and prepares reports that outline the company's financial position in the areas of income, expenses and earnings based on past, present and future operations. Coordinates and directs the preparation of the budget and financial forecasts, institutes and maintains other planning and control procedures (including the cost accounting system) and analyzes and reports variances. Is responsible for tax planning and compliance with all federal, state and local corporate, payroll and other applicable taxes. Furnishes internal reports, revises and updates reports to be more useful and efficient and furnishes external reports as necessary. Determines depreciation rates to apply to capitalized items and advises management on desirable operational adjustments due to tax revisions.

What your background should be

CPA certification preferred. 5+ years of experience in financial management. Excellent computer skills. Excellent communication skills both verbal and written. Bilingual English or Spanish required.

Required Schooling / Training

BA or BS degree in accounting, finance or related major.

Who is the client company

This is an accounting company.
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