Sales Manager Assistant


New York, NY

What you'll be doing

The client company is currently looking for a sales manager assistant. This full time position will include covering manager's inbox, assembling presentation materials for client meetings, and scheduling outlook appointments. Assistant will also follow-up on warm lead lists identifying and escalate hot leads to sales people. In addition to assisting the sales manager, candidate will work closely with sales, support and development team learning to assist clients with the company platform and help test new platform releases.

What your background should be

Sales or telemarketing/call center experience. A positive and bubbly personality. An ability to focus and stay on point. A strong need to organize, and color code their task lists. Excellent interpersonal communication skills. An ability to multi-task. Fluency in more than one language.

Required Schooling / Training

Degree in finance or equivalent.

Who is the client company

This is the first voice squawk box network for real time interactive financial news event analysis, broadcasted live 24hrs-a-day for the global markets.
If you are interested in this position, send your resume to