Sales Executive


Portage, MI

What you'll be doing

Maintain a high quality work environment continuously encourage and participate in team selling. Improve your overall level of salesmanship through observing and critiquing your co-workers sales performance. Seek and respond to constructive feedback from your management team. Develop and maintain professional relationships with all colleagues. Bring all concerns or requests to your management team. Report any incidents, accidents or safety hazards that occur in your store to the manager on duty. Meet and maintain your personal volume goal while maintaining above average sales statistics. Build a relationship with your customer from greeting through post-sale contact. Assist all customers in a timely and appropriate manner, including tuxedo rental customers. Follow through on all promises made, problems discovered or special order requests for customers on a timely basis. Communicate information to tailors before they come out on the sales floor. Demonstrate the selling techniques required of all selling personnel as described by your manager and in corporate training materials. Introduce yourself to tuxedo customer at the appropriate time during the tuxedo fitting to drive retail sales from tuxedo rental customers. Attend store meetings and training courses. Help monitor the security of all company property. Report or document damaged or missing product. Follow all transfer and audit procedures on a timely basis. Assist in conducting regular merchandise counts and stock counts as requested by your store management team. Report discrepancies to the manager on duty. Follow the customer rotation as prescribed by management and good customer service. Maintain your own timecard, including clocking in and out for appropriate meal periods. Get your manager on duty involved in all returns, exchanges and return for alterations. Practice store awareness. Learn and retain knowledge of all store operations (including tuxedo rental operations). Properly and accurately operate and capture customer information in the point-of-sale register system. Comply with all procedures for collecting cash and negotiable documents (checks and credit cards), trial balances, stock counts and follow through with all paperwork generated from the register. Follow shipping or receiving merchandise procedures and assist with merchandising the store. Assist in receiving shipments and putting away new merchandise. Maintain a clean and neat store including color and size maintenance; assist with general housekeeping. Perform all job duties described in the sales assistant.

What your background should be

Able to communicate clearly and professionally all written and verbal instructions with coworkers and customers. Read, count and write to accurately complete documentation and inventory. Carry out simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division or be able to perform these with a calculator. Ability to operate a computer and cash register, including manual tasks such as reaching across the counter to exchange monies with customer, grasping, pulling, pushing and folding merchandise to wrap customer purchases. Portray a professional well-groomed appearance and maintain good personal hygiene. Thrive in a fast-paced and competitive sales environment. Stand and walk for the majority of work shift, sometimes as long as twelve hours per day, five or sometimes six days per week. See and distinguish between fabric patterns and colors. Meet all schedule requirements.

Required Schooling / Training

Not specified

Who is the client company

This is a retailer of men's clothing, particularly known for its moderately-priced suits.
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