Route Manager


Miami, FL

What you'll be doing

Organizes and schedules all necessary resources required to accomplish activities. Coordinates daily operational needs with maintenance team. Plans, distributes, monitors and follows up daily route assignments to ensure customers are serviced per company standards and agreements. Manages the end of day check in process, capturing and communicating key service, safety and equipment issues. Monitors driver and laborer time and attendance, minimizing overtime and ensuring that drivers do not exceed limits established by regulatory agencies (e.g., 60 hour rule). Reviews weekly demand or volume for routes, determines potential gains from re-routing and recommends re-routes to the routing specialist. Sets and monitors productivity, service and safety targets for each route and driver. Assists with data collection and reporting required for incentive pay programs. Promotes a union free atmosphere and where appropriate, establishes collaborative relations with unions. Works with functional groups to resolve employee relations and labor relations issues. Acquires and coordinates temporary workers assigned to assist drivers on routes. Ensures that drivers comply with physicals, drug or alcohol tests and training required by regulatory agencies. Conducts root cause investigations for all injuries and incidents, ensuring consistent discipline and retraining. Visits customers and customer sites to evaluate and resolve safety issues, seeking service alternatives where appropriate. Establishes and maintains a clean, safe work environment in compliance with company or occupational safety standards. Documents problem fixes and provides instructions to dispatch or service should problems recur. Communicates and follows up on sales opportunities, problems at customer site, DVIR repairs, container swaps and safety issues reported by drivers. Notifies customer service of delivery days for specific areas. Ensures set up errors and missed pickups are reported and resolved. Documents and maintains records required by regulatory agencies such as the department of transportation. Reviews and audits documentation related to route operations on a daily basis, following up where appropriate.

What your background should be

2 years experience in transportation, logistics or solid waste operations in which coaching, routing assessments and leading employees were requirements of the role.

Required Schooling / Training

Associate degree.

Who is the client company

The client company is North America's leading provider of integrated environmental solutions.
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