RoofTec Roofing Crew Leader


San Francisco, CA

What you'll be doing

Perform and demonstrate to the crew solid knowledge and understanding of all service provided. Ensure the highest quality control (QC) of work and service complete by the RoofTec crew and meet companies quality standard. Complete proper documentation to ensure and verify that all work was completed properly and that the customer is fully satisfied. Identify potential repair that are required or recommended and report them to the customer before, during or after performing roof cleaning. Perform repair on mechanical equipment in the field as necessary to keep the machinery running and ensure the finish of a project. Conduct and foster professional and timely communication (via email, voicemail, in person) with the customer, sales representative, field staff and internal company personnel on all work related matter. Communicate with regional sales manager weekly and the sales force when necessary. Set a good example and ensure that all RoofTec personnel will have a professional appearance and demeanor while completing service for a customer. Conduct training (both hand on field training and classroom style) for field representative, according to WTI training policy, to include proper completion of all service and related paperwork; safety training and training documentation for all field representative within the region. Consult with human resources as needed. Conduct new employee orientation for new hire, including training on all company policy, administrative process, procedure and required technical and safety information. Handle all administrative matter and corresponding paperwork, including expense management, monthly sales projection, time management, status report, bidding job with representative, project documentation, etc. Coordinate with WTI crew or contractor for restoration coating project.

What your background should be

Must have prior supervisory experience managing crews and tasks. Prior roofing experience including patch and repair skills. Working knowledge of mechanical equipment for rudimentary repairs in the field to keep the machinery running. Prior work experience should include knowledge of project management, planning and scheduling and experience monitoring and maintaining. Planning and organizational skills. Able to juggle multiple priorities and demonstrate good task management. Work independently; solve problems and ability to delegate assignments, such as quoting and pricing. Demonstrate a high degree of accountability and ethical behavior. Excellent customer service skills and ability to build relationships. Functional computer and technical skills (MS Office, email, etc.). Ability to drive or operate a large box truck type vehicle safety training and OSHA knowledge. Must have transportation and a valid driving license. Planning and organizational skills. Able to juggle multiple priorities and demonstrate good task management.

Required Schooling / Training

High school diploma or GED.

Who is the client company

The client company is the leading innovator and provider of roofing and weatherproofing solutions.
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