Respiratory Therapist


Fargo, ND

What you'll be doing

Initiates, conducts, modifies and monitors the effects of respiratory care treatment plans, including therapeutic, diagnostic, blood gases, monitoring and rehabilitation based on physician approved therapist driven protocols. Provides education, training and instruction to patients, families, staff, students and allied health care personnel to ensure treatment plans are carried out and knowledge of the field is maintained. Stands up for what is right, does the right thing and challenges status quo. Takes risks to advance knowledge and practice for the betterment of care for patients. Addresses and resolves difficult challenges. Embraces reality and perseveres amidst setbacks. Shows an unwavering commitment to patients and strong commitment to the organization. Sets and maintains high performance standards. Demonstrates care and stewardship for the communities and people that serve. Pursues excellence and flawless execution through the avoidance of errors and inaccuracies. Creates and adheres to system rational standards to increase consistency and efficiency and decrease variability. Follows rigorous methodology in practice and research. Holds self and others accountable. Determines individual and organizational strengths and weaknesses and plans and develops accordingly. Strives for organizational perfection through continuous individual and organizational improvement. Supports the development of others by delegating, coaching and mentoring. Creates sustainable success through talent planning and initiating and leading own development. Shows commitment to each other through communication, dialogue, collaboration and inclusion. Sticks together through conflict, confrontation, mistakes and learning opportunities. Builds relationships based on trust and respect through honesty, integrity, openness and fulfilling commitments. Leverages differences in thought while promoting team and organizational decisions. Serves the organization and its employees. Consistently informs appropriate person of problems encountered with repairs or calibration of equipment. Collects health data from patient or family. Develops a plan of care in collaboration with patient, family and other health care providers. Implements the services or needs as identified in the plan of care. Evaluates the patient's progress toward the attainment of outcomes. Gathers, documents and transmits important patient information throughout the system.

What your background should be

Respiratory therapist must have a thorough knowledge and understanding of all procedures, indications, contraindications and hazards involved in respiratory care, as well as knowledge of life support equipment. The incumbent must be able to demonstrate the ability and knowledge required to utilize computers for patient documentation and data gathering for quality care. Certification in basic life support required. Must have current respiratory therapy licensure in the state, or states of practice. Must have RRT credentials as attained through the national board for respiratory care (NBRC) within six months of employment and maintain active status according to NBRC credentialing requirements.

Required Schooling / Training

A degree in respiratory care from a COARC accredited is required; bachelor degree in respiratory care is preferred.

Who is the client company

Concern about hospital & health care services.
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