Regional Facilities Manager


Murfreesboro, TN

What you'll be doing

Provide leadership, mentor and manage field-based facilities mangers in the expansion and continuous improvement of company fulfillment network. Innovate, document, improve work methods, standardize, provide a safe work environment and require safe work practices, train, commission equipment, collect, measure, and analyze key performance indicators to improve processes and improve Amazon customers experience. Offer guidance to senior leadership on maintenance and equipment end of life (EOL) issues using ROI, and other analytical techniques. Provide oversight for budget development and execution, and capital planning. Help manage vendor support and equipment relationships and leverage company network size to maximize economies of scale. Provide frequent on-site monitoring, auditing and enforcement of maintenance execution, safe work practices, and institute and audit training drills across the network. Leverage the entire maintenance team for the benefit of the North American network. Develop and manage budget and contract documents including RFPs, change order controls, purchase orders, and invoicing. Provide fulfillment center general managers with visibility over facilities manager responsibilities so that they can better understand, lead, mentor, and manage FMs. Recruit, interview, and hire bar raising talent in the facilities maintenance and facilities area manager roles. Help create a world-class facilities maintenance organization.

What your background should be

Required Schooling / Training

BS in industrial or mechanical engineering or related discipline or BS/BA

Who is the client company

Concern about retail, operations, internet and e-Commerce services.
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