Philadelphia, PA

What you'll be doing

Under the supervision of a licensed psychologist is responsible for working collaboratively with physicians, nurse practitioner, and other professionals in the assessment and treatment of children with headaches, especially children with chronic and refractory headaches. Selection and interpretation of questionnaires to screen all new patients for depression, anxiety, and coping problems. Assessment of psychosocial factors affecting headache patients and their families in outpatient, with focused intervention in clinic and in follow-up sessions when appropriate. Training headache patients in pain coping techniques including biofeedback. Developing and conducting patient and parent support groups in the hospital. Providing inpatient consultation and services to patients who are hospitalized for acute headache. Assessment and treatment of patients with mood disturbances exacerbating their headache. Participate in weekly team meetings for the hospital.

What your background should be

Experience and training in pediatric psychology at the extern or internship level. Specific clinical training and skills in pediatric pain management, as well as the application of cognitive-behavioral, biofeedback, and family systems interventions with children and families is preferred. Organizational and research skills. Skills in working with community agencies and neurology residents.

Required Schooling / Training

Ph.D. or Psy.D in psychology.

Who is the client company

This is a child healthcare services provider company.
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