Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Consultant


Clackamas, OR

What you'll be doing

Provides direct clinical care to patients admitted to hospital, emergency department and residential facility. Provides assessment, suicide risk assessment, medication evaluation, treatment recommendations, and behavioral intervention to patients with behavioral health conditions. Involves family and obtains collateral contact as needed for accurate assessment. Provides treatment planning and assure continuity of care for patients behavioral healthcare needs of the patient in collaboration with psychiatric consult liaison social worker. This may include scheduling appointments in outpatient mental health and addiction departments, arranging transfers to Brookside center residential facility or psychiatric inpatient hospitals. Collaborates closely with medical staff, emergency department staff, consult liaison social worker, psychiatrists, addiction staff, emergency psychiatric services staff and Brookside center staff to assure coordinated care for behavioral health patients. Supports hospital and emergency department nursing and physician staff in providing evidence-based and high quality and compassionate care to patients with mental health, addiction and other behavioral health conditions. Assists nursing staff with nursing plans of care. Educates and supports nursing staff in providing effective behavioral interventions for patients with disruptive behavior. Assists hospital staff in the understanding of mental, emotional and addictive conditions and best practices for providing care in hospital setting. Maintains current knowledge of federal, state, local and hospital regulatory requirements and clinical standards that relate to detaining and transporting mental health patients, secluding/restraining, and management of aggressive behavior. Provides psychiatric care and medication management to patients admitted to brookside mental health as needed. Assists nursing educators in identifying staff training needs in the recognition, understanding, safe and effective treatment of behavioral health patients.

What your background should be

Two (2) years of clinical psychiatric nurse practitioner in hospital or other acute setting. Psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner licensure. Prescriptive privileges licensed in the state of Oregon. National provider identifier (NPI). Clinical assessment skills in the area of psychiatry and mental health, including bio-psychosocial assessments, diagnosis, suicide risk assessment and treatment interventions. Expertise in diagnosis of dementia, delirium and mental disorders. Working knowledge of psychotropic medications, their use and side-effects. Prescriptive authority. Effective interpersonal communication skills. Collaborative practice skills. Problem solving skills. Clinical assessment skills in the area of psychiatry and mental health, including bio-psychosocial assessments, diagnosis, and treatment interventions, preferred. Training and knowledge in crisis prevention and crisis intervention skills, preferred. Working knowledge of health connect and other clinical computer systems, preferred. Thorough understanding of management of aggressive behavior and de-escalation skills, preferred. Knowledge of area hospital resources and referral procedures, preferred.

Required Schooling / Training

Master of science degree in nursing.

Who is the client company

Concern about healthcare services.
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