Project Safety Manager


Boston, MA

What you'll be doing

Ensure that the company safety program is implemented and effective. Develop and update site specific safety program policies and procedures. Maintain and report accurate records regarding the safety program. Conduct safety and team training. Purchase and distribute safety equipment and supplies. Assist in organizing and implementing teams. Provide on-site project safety support (i.e., training, inspections, supplies, compliance review, etc.). Maintain appropriate certifications and awareness of developing technology. Cooperate with project teams and team leaders. Ensure subcontractor safety compliance. Provide complete injury management from initial doctor visit to reporting and employee follow-up. Be present whenever construction operations are in progress. Assure compliance with the health and safety plan and the company safety program. Provide health and safety briefing to the contractor's employees and subcontractors. Other duties as assigned.

What your background should be

Minimum five years total project safety management construction experience preferred. Last two years of experience involved with safety plan implementation preferred. Specific training in the following areas: OSHA/MSHA safety requirements. first aid and CPR. Presentation and facilitation skills. Must have proven abilities and skills in leadership and management of people, communication (verbal and written), planning, organization and delegation. Must set standards of excellence in leadership, safety, quality and productivity for his/her subordinates. Must have experience on U.S. army corps of engineers projects. Must be a certified site safety and health professional. SSHO is preferred, but experience can take the place of training. Must have good hand-eye coordination. Must have quick reaction times. Must be able to hear adequately enough to be alerted by horns, sirens, shouting, or any other noise that is meant to convey a safety warning. Must have good balance and must not be clumsy.

Required Schooling / Training

An undergraduate degree in environmental health and safety or safety engineering is preferred but not required with equivalent experience and education.

Who is the client company

The company is an industry leader in the dam and water resource construction market, company is a self-performing, heavy-civil contractor that specializes in the construction and rehabilitation of dams (RCC, earthfill, and concrete), hydroelectric and renewable energy facilities, pipelines, tunnel/shaft rehabilitation, storm/sanitary sewer system improvements, and other major water resource projects.
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