Project Manager


Los Angeles, CA

What you'll be doing

Provide initial client contact to assess scope of work, schedule and resources necessary to successfully complete a project. Prepare a complete estimate for selected project with a detailed review of plans, specifications and bid form. Plan and organize a project under the directions of a senior PM or division manager. Establish project objectives, policies, procedures and performance standards within boundaries of corporate policies. Supervise the preparation of all change orders on the project. Negotiate all change orders on the project. Monitor construction activities in conjunction with the onsite foreman and area superintendent to ensure project is being built on schedule, and within budgets. Investigate any potentially serious situations and implement corrective measures within company guidelines, and under supervision. Represent the company in project meetings. Supervise the preparation of any and all change quotations for presentation to the prime client. Negotiate all change quotations to a conclusion. Prepare monthly costing reports under the supervision of a senior PM or division manager.

What your background should be

Required Schooling / Training

Bachelor degree in construction management or other related discipline preferred.

Who is the client company

Concern about prefabrication, construction and network services.
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