Product Manager


Lanham, MD

What you'll be doing

Establishes technical objectives of a marketing assignment. Responsible for producing marketing strategies, coordinating relationships with the development group and establishing and maintaining outside relationships to maximize product line revenue. Influences product development and release strategy, including planning and release schedules, testing, initial launch, and customer communications. Provides technical expertise and training to other departments in support of product development. Collaborates with a wide variety of functional areas such as sales, engineering, marketing, and operations to develop and provide product definitions responsive to customer needs and market opportunities. Develops product pricing strategy, product positioning and definition of promotional activities. Analyzes the external market to define key product areas and define required product features and specifications, as identified by customers and market segments. Communicates product requirements to the engineering staff and participates in the product development process. Participates in planning and policy development issues. Develops and maintains a prioritized list of customer and market requirements for product. Provides financial and technical justification for product selection and definition. Conducts market research and identifies and tracks market trends in company's industry. Produces competitive analysis materials comparing product with its key competitors. Identifies partnering opportunities for complementary third party products to broaden company product line. Manages relationships with third party vendors. Maintains communications and contacts to collect and analyze technical, financial, schedule, and sales information. Prepares status reports and briefings for management. Defines, documents, implements, and supports continual product management process improvement.

What your background should be

Requires five plus years of prior project management experience.

Required Schooling / Training

Bachelor degree or equivalent and 2 years of related experience in the technical industry.

Who is the client company

This is a multinational professional services and information technology company.
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