Principal Scientist, Antibody Screening Specialist


Cambridge, MA

What you'll be doing

The successful candidate will be responsible for generation of therapeutic antibodies using immunized approaches and will be expected to carry out high throughput screening and characterization of antibody hits. The candidate will work with cross-discipline project teams to deliver equity within defined timelines. The candidate may co-lead project teams during the early discovery/pre-clinical phases. The position requires in-depth experience implementing antibody generation strategies using state-of-the-art hybridoma and B cell screening techniques. This includes design of immunization campaigns in wild-type and transgenic rodents, execution of hybridoma fusion, as well as single B cell sorting and culture. In addition, a proven track record of high throughput antibody screening using ELISA, FACS, cell-based assays is required. Strong skills in molecular biology and biochemistry and knowledge of antibody engineering is preferred.

What your background should be

5 to 7+ years of experience post PhD in a pharmaceutical or biotech setting leading scientific projects, in depth understanding in immune protein generation and characterization, excellent communication and leadership skills and the ability to work in multidisciplinary, team-oriented environment. Significant experience with antibody generation using state-of-the-art hybridoma and B cell screening techniques, including design of immunization campaigns in wild-type and transgenic rodents, hybridoma fusions, and B cell sorting and culture. Significant experience in protein-protein and cell surface binding assays and cell-based activity assays used in the characterization and selection of immune binding proteins.

Required Schooling / Training

Ph.D. in cell biology/immunology or a related discipline

Who is the client company

This is an American multinational pharmaceutical corporation.
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