Austin, TX

What you'll be doing

Plan, implement, and supervise the instructional programs for the school, typically including basic, advanced, remedial, and special education programs. Hire and supervise all assistant principals, teachers and administrative staff in the school, and establish performance expectations and personnel management procedures within guidelines of the board and superintendent. Observe and perform informal and formal evaluations of teaching and administrative staff. Plan and implement comprehensive extracurricular programs for the school, including clubs and athletics. Meet with assistant principals, teachers, counselors, students and parents on a formal and informal basis to address program objectives and issues, complaints, and grievances; respond to correspondence and phone calls. Perform walk-through of campus to monitor teacher, staff, and student behavior and to monitor grounds and buildings maintenance. Oversee use of facilities, scheduling classes and activities for most effective uses; prepare annual teacher and staff assignments, making adjustments where necessary. Establish and maintain disciplinary policies for the school; handle major disciplinary problems in the school. Manage and monitor the budget for the school, from the annual preparation phase to the weekly and monthly decisions on allocations, expenditures, and cutbacks; review invoices and sign checks.

What your background should be

Certified PDAS appraiser. Three years of successful campus administrative experience. Bilingual English/Spanish is benificial.

Required Schooling / Training

Master degree

Who is the client company

Concern about educational services.
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