Pricing Analyst


Dearborn, MI

What you'll be doing

Work with pricing analytics, risk, finance, and sales teams to support optimal pricing strategies, reflecting the risk/return trade-off. Employ statistical procedures (e.g., binary/multinomial logistic, nested logit) to develop demand models to quantify customer and dealer responsiveness to price and other vehicle incentives. Employ econometric procedures (e.g., arima, arch/garch) to develop forecasts for loan offers, approvals, purchases as well as portfolio mix (e.g., term, risk tier). Develop optimization models and frameworks to determine optimal pricing; incorporating corporate objectives and constraints. Maintain models and algorithms on an ongoing basis. Continuously explore ways to enhance models. Develop model tracking methodologies and reports to monitor model performance. Investigate data & implementation issues. Use data-mining techniques to find opportunities in the pricing area. Work with various data sources and platforms (PC, Mainframe, Unix/Linux, Teradata, flat files) to compile data. Utilize statistical software (e.g., SAS, JMP, Matlab, R) to develop models, forecasts, and optimization algorithms. Experience with C# or Java programming is very desirable.

What your background should be

Strong knowledge of statistical, econometric, and optimization methods (e.g., logistic, time series, seasonal adjustments, non-linear methods). Practical experience using analytics in a business or academic environment; experience in pricing in the financial industry highly preferred. Familiarity with various simulation techniques. Ability to translate complex quantitative methods for business audiences. SAS proficiency desired. Alternatively, experience in optimization and programming will be required.

Required Schooling / Training

Advanced degree (PhD preferred) in statistics, mathematics, operations research; economics, physics, computer science and other technical fields.

Who is the client company

A multinational automobile company; sells automobiles and commercial vehicles worldwide.
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