Postdoctoral Fellow (Research)


Washington, DC

What you'll be doing

Assist faculty in the conduct of research and report to a principal investigator or cri center director. Serve in several roles in the laboratory setting depending on the scientific specialty of the research project supported. Participate directly in the design and conduct of experiments and therefore needs technical knowledge and subject matter expertise encompassing several disciplines such as molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry, genetics, physiology or animal science. Based on experience may train technical staff, graduate students and others in laboratory procedures may provide general supervision in the laboratory and assists with data management and analysis. Responsible for assisting the principal investigator in the planning and execution research projects, grant applications and publications. May further assist in the management of resource allocations, and may manage day-to-day activities in the laboratory, such as purchasing, oversight of laboratory animals, radioactivity, and biosafety issues. May guide or lead the work of peers, technicians or other diverse support staff as necessary to achieve specific assignments or complete large and complex projects.

What your background should be

Completed training in a specialty in a field of research; demonstrated potential for successful career in research and related scholarly achievement. Experience must demonstrate, acquired the scientific knowledge, skills, and abilities to apply and utilize them successfully in independent health or health-related research appropriate to the position.

Required Schooling / Training

Ph.D. or M.D. or equivalent doctoral degree.

Who is the client company

Concern about child healthcare and educational services.
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