Pharmacy Technician


Charlotte, NC

What you'll be doing

Handles telephones and window information requests and distributes messages as necessary. Provides information regarding pending orders, medication shortages and any items requiring future action. Processes charges and credits for medications and adjusts patient bill as needed. Processes and maintains the in-bound charge error report, the 10/1000 report and the unpriced orders report. Troubleshoots departmental equipment and automated dispensing equipment problems. Cleans and calibrates the laminar flow hood, biological safety cabinets, isolators and compounding equipment as needed. Monitors for drug shortages and other drug problems. Assesses inventory par levels, assembles and sends wholesaler orders, and verifies orders. Performs and documents nursing and pharmacy unit inspections. Compounds individual extemporaneous formulations or bulk medication batches, repackages medications, records manufacturer lot numbers and expirations for compounding and measures liquid aliquots with oral dosage units. Attaches ancillary labeling to medications requiring special instructions, fills medication replacement units, floor stock requests and automated dispensing machine stock, and removes dated medications. Operates high speed compounders to prepare fluids and parenteral nutrition.

What your background should be

Pharmacy technician with at least one year of experience preferred. Current pharmacy technician certified board certificate required. Requires considerable walking, standing, pushing mobile cart of 50 pounds maximum and lifting 25 pounds of material. Required to frequently stretch, bend, twist, squat, or kneel to perform job. Works with potentially hazardous agents. Hazards are very minor such as minor cuts, bruises, and non-contaminated needle pricks.

Required Schooling / Training

High school diploma or GED required.

Who is the client company

Concern about hospital & healthcare services.
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