Pharmacy Manager


Charlotte, NC

What you'll be doing

Assists in the preparation of the pharmacy department budget and makes recommendations to the budgeting process, purchasing of capital equipment and management of expenses. Manages pharmacy personnel including staffing and scheduling, offers of employment, promotion, termination, job performance evaluations and merit pay increases. Submits a monthly state of the pharmacy report which includes expense variances. Coordinates and integrates interdepartmental and intradepartmental services. Ensures that policies and procedures promoting safe and effective uses of medications are followed. Assists in the planning of new and revised pharmaceutical services based on new innovations, technology and regulatory changes. Continuously assesses and improves the performance of pharmaceutical care and services provided. Assists, reports and coordinates performance improvement and quality assurance activities of the pharmacy.

What your background should be

The candidate should have 2 years of pharmacy work related experience. Must be able to perform manipulative skills such as writing, typing and data entry into the computer. Needs good manual finger dexterity. Must be able to hear normal sounds with moderate background noise as in answering telephone. Must be able to read small type such as that on unit dose medication packages. Must be able to speak and be understood by others. Must speak good in English and possess sense of sight, hearing, smell and touch.

Required Schooling / Training

Bachelor of science degree in pharmacy.

Who is the client company

This is a nonprofit hospital network which operates hospitals, freestanding emergency departments, urgent care centers and medical practices.
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