Patient Care Assistant-General Medicine Unit


Columbus, OH

What you'll be doing

Collects, documents and reports the following data, vital signs temperature (oral, axillary, rectal); pulse (apical and radial); respirations; blood pressure or mean arterial pressure using the non-invasive automatic blood pressure machine, heights, weights, head circumference and abdominal girth, oxygen saturation. Provides basic supportive care, hygiene (bath, shampoos, mouth care), bed making and keep patient room clean and orderly. Assists with transfer (wheelchair, etc.). Assists with urinary catheter insertion. Measures output (from catheter bag or collection device). Empties urine or stool. Provides basic skin care and applies client companies approved over the counter skin products that provide a protective barrier to prevent skin breakdown. Repositions patients and documents per client companies skin risk protocol. Performs the constant attendant responsibilities for patients as delegated. Cares for patients with restraints and documents observations per policy. Promotes general patient safety. Provides post mortem care. Accepts delegation from RN or care manager. Demonstrates time and resource management. Demonstrates appropriate use of hospital resources. Follows hospital policies and procedures. Cleans the unit or area refrigerators (conference room and medication room). Changes needle boxes. Empties non-routine trash and lines bags. Assists unit in maintaining joint commission readiness (keeping hallways clear, linen carts covered etc.). Completes unit specific environmental duties as assigned. Acts as a preceptor of orientation and training of other PCA staff. Provides peer input for performance appraisals at the request of the manager or RN. Identifies own learning needs, seek assistance and attend educational programs as needed. Attends annual or mandatory in-services within designation time frame. Participates in educational activities offered by the unit or area or division. Provides age-appropriate care (based on growth and development principles) to patients and families. Participates as a member of the patient care team by assisting others. Participates in unit conferences as requested. Within role expectations, meets the standards of patient care and performs within the policies and procedures of client company and the division of patient care services. Demonstrates promptness and consistency in meeting scheduled work commitments.

What your background should be

State tested nursing assistant strongly preferred or one year of comparable experience in a hospital setting within the past 3 years or EMT certification with at least 1 year of direct patient care experience. Good written and verbal communication, interpersonal and problem-solving skills. Neat appearance, good grooming and professional manner. Current CPR (BLS for healthcare provider required). Must be able to independently lift up to 25 pounds. Must be able to move or reposition patients of any weight or size with the assistance of another persons or equipment.

Required Schooling / Training

High school graduate or equivalent GED.

Who is the client company

This is one of the largest and most comprehensive pediatric hospitals and research institutes in the United States.
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