Savannah, GA

What you'll be doing

Assists with instructions for assigned students in support of, and under the directions of, the teacher. Prepares activities under the guidance of the classroom teacher including preparations of bulletin boards, displays, exhibits, and related classroom and school displays. Participates in service training programs. Assists classroom teacher with non instructional duties such as: breakfast/snack/lunch time, bathroom, and/or clothing routines, and procedures to ensure the supervisions and safety of students. Assists individual and/or small groups of students in various educational settings including the media center, computer lab, and community based instructional settings. Assists with clerical duties under the directions of the classroom teacher or principal. Assists with instructions in the physical education programs as necessary. Assists students in feeding, toileting, diapering and other daily care routines as necessary. Performs other duties as necessary for the effectiveness of the organization.

What your background should be

Demonstrable ability to reinforce material initially introduced by the teacher and to guide students with enrichment, remedial, and independent work as set up by the teacher. Knowledge of general office computer software applications, as well as use of the internet. Appropriate oral and written communications skills with students, parents, and co workers. Must have the physical ability, dexterity, endurance, and temperament to work with students having special needs. Passing score on the GACE paraprofessional assessment test is required.

Required Schooling / Training

Associate's degree or 60 semester/90 quarter hours of college credit from an accredited organization.

Who is the client company

This is an educational service provider institution.
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