Operations Specialist-Procurement


Wichita, KS

What you'll be doing

Manages the daily procurement functions, including creation of purchase orders, placing, tracking and delivery of orders. Verifies equipment specifications with sales coordinator and vendors. Ensures products are ordered according to budget guidelines and within specified timeframes using pre-selected and approved vendors. Collaborates with project manager and professional services department to coordinate project implementation with equipment delivery, creating delivery schedule using the project timeline requirements. Tracks order status and communicate shipping information to stakeholders and customers no less than weekly. Contributes to customer satisfaction by handling equipment issues or returns and mitigating customer concerns. Develops and maintains procurement processes. Documents relevant information for future reference and process improvement. Records price and cost analysis data for review of proposal against historical, actual, and estimated expenditures to determine reasonableness of price and potential negotiation. Manages data center access cards for customers, contractors, and vendors.

What your background should be

Minimum 2+ years of direct procurement and office experience is required. Working knowledge of procuring hardware and software, creating purchase orders, and other general bookkeeping, including accounts receivable and accounts payable. Excellent communications skills-interpersonal and written. Must be organized, attentive to detail, able to proactively manage time and set priorities. Proficient in Microsoft Office 2007 or above. Ability to quickly learn new product lines and technologies.

Required Schooling / Training

High school diploma required; BA in business, accounting, information systems or related field preferred.

Who is the client company

Concern about information technology and services.
If you are interested in this position, send your resume to apply@kochdavis.com