Operations Assistant Store Manager


Madison, WI

What you'll be doing

Managing all day to day store processes, in the absence of the store manager. Monitoring the truck receiving and procesing procedure weekly. Ensuring the 24 hour window is met for truck processing by utilizing all personnel assigned to the warehouse and sales floor. Ensuring the smooth operation of the purge process by following company guidelines. Managing stock levels and making key decisions regarding freight flow from the warehouse to the sales floor. Ensuring that proper guidelines and procedures are followed at the front end and cash office. Conducting monthly audit review meetings, ensuring and following up on identified items from most recent audit. Ensuring open lines of communication with the merchandise manager regarding the purge process. Managing and motivating the team to increase sales and ensure efficiency. Ensuring standards for quality and customer service are met. Directing daily operations in order to providing quality products and services. Maintaining and implementing safety conditions and training to adhere to procedure and statutory regulation. Promoting and supporting workplace diversity initiatives. Managing positive and constructive feedback to associates in order to rewarding, coaching, correcting and motivating. Supervising day to day work activities by delegating authority, assigning and prioritizing activities, and monitoring operating standards. Establishing a safe work environment by performing safety audits and inspections, conducting safety related training, and maintaining on going communication with associates. Maintaining storage facility conditions and monitoring internal quality assurance.

What your background should be

The ability to develop and maintain professional, trusting, positive relationships with all levels of staff, customers and vendors. The ability and willingness to be aware of, understand, respect and value the diverse culture, ethnic, gender, age, education, professional, backgrounds and styles of others and to adapt ones own behavior based on that understanding. The ability to work productively and effectively in a fast paced, stressful, demanding, and/or ambiguous work environment. The ability to set priorities, plan, and coordinate work activities. This may include developing plans with long range horizons based upon a sound knowledge of company expectations. The ability to motivate and guide others to work hard by building a sense of teamwork and commitment. This includes clear communication and reinforcing aims and goals of team, unity, cooperation and excellence. The ability to speak clearly and politely to management, associates and customers when conveying information. Always using correct grammar when speaking and never using slang terms, while targeting the amount, style and content of the information to the needs of the receiver.

Required Schooling / Training

Technical, trade, vocational degree or 2 years management or functional experience.

Who is the client company

This is a privately held discount tool and equipment retailer company.
If you are interested in this position, send your resume to apply@kochdavis.com