Nursing Home Administrator


Kansas City, MO

What you'll be doing

Organizes the functions of the facility through appropriate departmentalization and delegation. Implements the control and effective utilization of the physical and financial resources of the facility. Developments and implementations of policies/procedures to ensure a safe, efficient, high quality service is provided; liaison with regional office, to ensure accurate reporting takes place and company standards are met. Reviews and acts upon the reports of authorized inspecting agencies. Employs a system of responsible accounting, including budget and internal controls. Provides an effective public relations program. Pursues a continuing program of formal and informal education in health care, administrative and management areas. Recruits, selects and retains department managers; educates and develops those managers so goals of each department are accomplished. Cheerleads and empowers employees to perform at highest level; uses participative style of management allowing employees to share in policy development. Ensures a work environment that encourages safety, longevity, growth, and personal satisfaction for all staff. Ensures a continuous quality improvement program is in place and appropriate follow-up occurs. Performs other duties as assigned.

What your background should be

An ideal candidate should have license to practice health care administration. Experience in long-term care mandatory. Good communication skills, numerical ability, and clerical ability are necessary. Must have good organizational, planning, and controlling skills and the ability to relate to people; must be flexible. Must have strong stable administrator employment history in long-term care.

Required Schooling / Training

Graduation from an accredited college or university, or equivalent.

Who is the client company

This company recognized as a premier provider of post-acute care.
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