Nurse Practitioner


Ann Arbor, MI

What you'll be doing

Assist neurosurgeons in the diagnosis and treatment of patients, as well as assisting in preoperative and postoperative care. Interview patients to obtain a detailed history; perform physical examinations and present pertinent information or data to the medical staff. Collect and assist in the interpretation of reports from diagnostic and laboratory tests; radiographic procedures and clinical studies. Administer follow up to patients and assist in the referral to various internal and external facilities. Participate in evaluation, screening and counseling patients on health maintenance and promote utilization of community resources. Complete a thorough history and physical examination that is problem oriented for neurosurgical conditions. Present patient to the attending neurosurgeons and help formulate a treatment plan, order appropriate radiographic studies and perform office procedures. Evaluate postoperative patients and routine follow up visits. Require a same day office visit. Provide routine neurosurgical services effectively and efficiently; compile and record detailed narrative evaluations. Work efficiently in the outpatient clinic and round with surgeon on the inpatient unit to provide continuity of care. Assist with development of preoperative and postoperative patient education materials. Assist with data collection for research purposes.

What your background should be

Experience with surgery patient care required; neurosurgery preferred. Demonstrated amount, relevance and quality experience in a physician assistant role. Ability to evaluate and care for preoperative and postoperative neurosurgical patients. Ability to work with minimal supervision and as part of a collaborative team on the neurosurgical service and with other neurosurgical advanced practice professionals. Demonstrated leadership in professional healthcare setting and other professional activities. Excellent interpersonal skills and patient service skills a must. Some flexibility in work schedule necessary. Ability to collaborates with others to resolve issues related to patient care, communication, policies and resources.

Required Schooling / Training

Not specified

Who is the client company

This is a healthcare services company that operates hospitals and nursing centers.
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