NOC Associate Engineer


Carlsbad, CA

What you'll be doing

Network operations center team where you will work hand-in-hand with company customers to provide practical solutions to difficult communications problems through company secure networking solutions for satellite and terrestrial communications applications. As part of this fast-paced network tech ops team, you will get to touch cutting edge technology on a daily basis as you work with company customers to troubleshoot complex hardware, software and configurations issues. Using your keen technical analysis skills and quick-on-your-feet adeptness, you will perform proactive maintenance as well as help bring up new systems across the globe. You are a problem solver with sharp attention to detail and the ability to create a paper trail for others to follow. Your technical skills allow you to resolve issues that puzzle others with timely response times and quality solutions.

What your background should be

Required Schooling / Training

Associate degree in a technical discipline.

Who is the client company

Concern about telecommunications, satellite bandwidth and in-flight Wi-Fi services.
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