Network Analyst


Tulsa, OK

What you'll be doing

Plan, design, analyze, and provide technical support for data communications network or group of networks in the company. Work can also include research and evaluation of network technology and recommending purchases of network equipment. As a network analyst, you’ll be responsible for the installation, layout, and maintenance of all network components within a company. You'll have to work closely with the IT team of programmers, designers and IT managers to design systems. You'll oversee the installation of them, and once completed you'll have to test and evaluate their success and make sure everyone is trained to use them properly.

What your background should be

2-4+ years of professional level related experience; or an equivalent combination of education and professional level related experience required. Candidate should possess general understanding of network transmission systems and associated equipment. Experienced with standard provisioning and ILEC/CLEC ordering practices. Experience with spreadsheet and database modeling, forecasting, and financial analysis. Experience working independently without constant supervision or direction. Demonstrate the ability to function in team environment. Basic knowledge of fundamentals for Excel and Access.

Required Schooling / Training

College degree required.

Who is the client company

This is one of the proven leaders in engineering solutions.
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