Medical Support Assistant


Roseburg, OR

What you'll be doing

Ability to operate computerized programs and databases in order to enter, modify and retrieve sensitive information/data into or from electronic medical records, scheduling systems and/or reports. Knowledge of basic medical terminology. Ability to make appointments in a clinical setting. Ability to work independently in the accomplishment of a wide variety of duties: including setting priorities and coordinating work. Ability to communicate effectively and professionally with employees at varying grade levels. Ability to identify concerns of the customer, perform the tasks required to resolve the issue accurately and timely, and follow-up as necessary to ensure a satisfactory resolution. Knowledge of the contents and order for assembling medical records both paper and electronic records, the requirements for periodic review and update of records. Treats customers in a courteous and helpful manner that indicates dignity and respect. Oral and written communication is accomplished in a professional manner and exemplifies the mission and vision of this healthcare system. Interacts with visitors/staff in a courteous, thoughtful, and caring manner using tact, discretion, and patience when explaining policies and procedures or assisting in finding an answer to a problem. Displays a helpful, proactive attitude toward customers by answering questions and resolving problems to enhance customer satisfaction. Accepts assignments willingly, volunteers to help others, and works cooperatively and effectively with coworkers and supervisors, displaying a helpful, positive attitude. Consistently practices customer service performance expectations as established by icare (integrity, commitment, advocacy, respect, excellence). Handles differences of opinions in a businesslike fashion. Ensures that all internal and external customers are treated with respect and dignity using professional tact and common manners.

What your background should be

U.s. Citizenship with english profficiency. One year of specialized experience required. Specialized experience would be experience that demonstrates to possess the ability to collaborate, communicate, set priorities, and organize the work in order to meet deadlines, ensuring compliance with established processes, policies, and regulations. Ability to communicate tactfully and effectively, both orally and in writing, in order to meet program objectives.

Required Schooling / Training

Not specified

Who is the client company

The client organization provides patient care and federal benefits to veterans and their dependents.
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