Medical Interpreter/Language Services-English-Spanish


Charlotte, NC

What you'll be doing

Respond to request for interpretation and translation service in the health care setting. Interpret information regarding the patient and family medical need. This may include consent for treatment, history and physical assessment, treatment recommendation, patient education, instruction for follow up and future appointment. Interpret as accurately and directly as possible given the idiomatic difference of language and maintain the spirit of the original communication, suspend judgment and make no comment. Make every effort to ensure the patient and the healthcare provider understand question, answer, instruction and other information transmitted by the speaker. Assist health care provider in understanding the patient culture, especially as it relate to health service interaction. This include nonverbal communication, health practice and social relationship. Strive to develop a relationship of trust and respect at all time with the patient by adopting a caring, attentive, but discreet and impartial attitude toward the patient and his/her question, concern and need. Translate basic written information as needed by clinical staff using accepted policy and procedure as requested. Responsible to promote a safe environment and perform all work related responsibility in a safe manner. Responsible for all other duties as assigned.

What your background should be

Knowledge of medical terminology and/or work experience in a healthcare setting is preferred. Demonstrated oral fluency and written skills in English and foreign language by successful completion of language assessment. Computer literacy, ability to use a word processor and ability to learn computer software applications specific to the role of the interpreter. Good organizational and time management skills are essential. Must be able to cope with interruptions, varying personalities and cultural diversity, changing priorities, irregular hours and demanding client. Work requires walking, standing, sitting, lifting and reaching. Must lift a minimum of 10 pounds to shoulder height. Must speak English and foreign language in simple, understandable terms and have an intact sense of sight and hearing. Must be able to be mobile within the entire healthcare provider system.

Required Schooling / Training

Bachelor degree preferred or equivalent combination of education and experience will be considered.

Who is the client company

Concern about hospital & health care services.
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