Mechanical Design Engineer


Springfield, IL

What you'll be doing

The mechanical design engineer (tool fixture) is responsible to work with holding, jigs, fixtures, and lift devices for large components to machine on cnc machine tools. The candidate will use auto cad, inventor, and gibbscam software to design fixtures and create manufacturing drawings of work holdings. S/he will apply established work holding principles and techniques to hold parts for machining on horizontal and vertical lathes and machining centers. The incumbent will plan sequence of operations to promote efficient utilization of machine tools. The applicant will work with tool room, engineering, and cnc departments to manufacture and validate fixtures to ensure production parts meet specifications. Facilitate design changes as needed during the validation process. Conduct time studies to determine process times using data collection and statistical analysis. Apply statistical methods and perform mathematical calculations to determine manufacturing processes, staff requirements, and production standards. Communicate with management and machine operators to develop production and design standards.

What your background should be

The candidate should have 6 years of related work experience in cnc manufacturing. S/he should have the ability to read and interpret blueprints and technical drawings. S/he should be fluent in geometric dimensioning and tolerance. The incumbent should have knowledge and experience using micrometers, depth micrometers, inside diameter gauge, and outside diameter gauge, and understand capability and limitations of cnc machine tools and cutting tools. S/he should have knowledge of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, statistics, and their applications, and basic english language skills. S/he should have proficiency with auto cad, inventor, and gibbscam software. The candidate must possess a general knowledge of tooling speeds and feed rates.

Required Schooling / Training

Bachelor degree in engineering or equivalent

Who is the client company

The client is a global provider of HR services and one of the largest staffing organizations in the world.
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