Meat Cutter Apprentice


Arlington, WA

What you'll be doing

The meat cutter apprentice is responsible to create/maintain scripts and methodologies to manage constraints, run the timing, and analyze the results. The candidate will perform analysis of top timing paths to determine the timing health of the design as well as how failing paths addressed. S/he will work with the CPU micro architecture team to understand the key critical paths of the design inherent within the micro architecture and facilitate logic changes to improve timing when necessary. Work with the CPU implementation team on physical timing issues, clock design, timing constraints, timing waivers, tolerance thresholds, and other physical timing issues and concerns. Work with the physical cad team to enhance and improve the timing flows and infrastructure.

What your background should be

The ideal candidate should have at least 5 to 10 years of hands on experience in STA including specific knowledge of microprocessors from working on one or more CPU designs. Applicant should have scripting proficiency with Perl, TCL or other scripting languages; timing flow knowledge using industry standard tools. S/he should be proficient in STA and methodologies for timing closure, and have a good understanding of noise, cross talk, and OCV effects, among others. Incumbent should have experience with STA on large, complex designs and multi-scenario timing closure. S/he should have good communication skills and should be familiar with all aspects of timing of high-performance CPU designs in sub-micron technologies; familiar with circuit modeling, including spice models and worst-case corner selection; familiar with eco techniques and implementation.

Required Schooling / Training

MSEE or BSEE in electrical/computer engineering or equivalent is required.

Who is the client company

The client is an American supermarket chain that acquired by private equity investors.
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