Marketing Coordinator


Plano, TX

What you'll be doing

Make sure to join our community to take benefits of the fast paced learning environment for marketing and advertising. In this position you will be able to master the skills required to successfully perform all the agency work and deal with the client side. The Marketing Coordinator will be requested to: - Attend conference calls with corporate marketing team, agency of records and sales team in order to be aware of how every unit of the company collaborates in order to develop a full campaign. - Help Director of Marketing in everyday activities including strategy meetings, brochure creation, copywriting, email blast templates and social media planning. - Online and print brochure creation. - Keep an eye on web presence and offer good recommendations for the further improvement. - Develop and create online and print brochures. - Generate and direct social media cadence and conduct researches on the basis of competitor social media in order to get the clear view on the positioning. - Ability to visit various trade shows and related events. - Ability to work some days off and nights to attend social media meet ups to offer free trials and swag.

What your background should be

In the Marketing Coordinator position, the incumbent must conform to the various requirements: - Skills in Event Promotions, Interdepartmental Communication, Branding, Budget Allocation, Social Media Integration, Media Planning and Negotiation, Launching a new brand, Print and Online Design for Collateral and Messaging, etc. - Ability to develop a strong understanding of what the online personality of the employee is and efficiency in using various marketing tools. - Completion of the Technical Writing Class is a must have. - Thorough knowledge of Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. - Minor and Major in Marketing and Adverting. - Minor or Major in Marketing or Advertising.

Required Schooling / Training

Bachelors Degree

Who is the client company

At our company we competently work behind the scenes in order to help the global community to communicate and co-work in a better, faster and more reliable way. The global leading communications agencies count on our company to help develop, design and provide the top notch network, supreme quality services and devices. All the lab test solutions performed at our company are applied in order to evaluate the performance level of the latest technologies. As new communication applications and services are introduced within the modern market, our company representatives offer special tools for service management and area test to enhance quality and troubleshooting.
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