Market Research Analyst


Bellevue, WA

What you'll be doing

Work across any and all necessary parts of the organization to make sure that things happen efficiently. Perform detailed market, technology and patent analysis in order to unlock the value of IVs extensive existing patent portfolio as well as to provide insight into future investment opportunities for existing investment fund. Gather, synthesize and create models and presentations of their work for rpms that coordinate with cross-functional teams in order to offer a high value product to current and prospective customers across many industries. Create detailed analyses that link patents to high value technologies across markets that adopt them. Work with the cross-functional teams to develop products and create goes to market strategies with a customer specific focus. Support rpms as part of a client facing team to educate customers as to the value of the product being offered. Facilitate internal buy-in across the organization to obtain all approvals to close transactions.

What your background should be

Required Schooling / Training

Undergraduate degree in business or engineering.

Who is the client company

This company is specialized in invention, finance, technology, patents services.
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